About the Foundation

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The foundation.

We support the amazing work of Inspiration Factory Foundation in Indonesia. Every InspirationBag contributes to the Foundations’ mision: to support the underprivileged children by equipping them with healthy self-esteem as a necessity to pursue their dreams.

The Inspiration Factory Foundation manufactures a structured program called the DreamProgram, that focus on raising the self-esteem of underprivileged children through behavioral teachings for age groups between 6-12 years old. Self-esteem is the main target because it is the psychological needs of children at this age group. The DreamProgram is developed together with the most renowned psychology center in Indonesia.

Creating dreams.

The Inspiration Factory Foundation collaborates with local projects and communities that share the same vision to implement the Foundations’ DreamProgram. Currently there are 12 Inspiration Factories in Jakarta and Bali, including orphanages and street centers. The future roadmap of the Foundation includes opening of new Inspiration Factories throughout the Nation to equip Indonesian children with a healthy self-esteem to be able to pursue their dreams, thus bringing in more positive changes and solutions to the nation’s challenges.

Each InspirationBag covers the costs for one child to join the DreamProgram for a day. Since there are over one thousand children at the Inspiration Factory Foundation, you can imagine they need all the support they can get. You, as a proud owner of a unique InspirationBag contribute directly to the dreams of these fortunate children. Yes, we call them fortunate, because they have you as their supporter! To find out more about the Inspiration Factory Foundation please visit InspirationFactory.org.