About the InspirationBag

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About the InspirationBag

Each bag is handmade in Indonesia from 100% canvas. The inlay is made of satin and contains a small zipped pocket, comes in very handy for your keys, wallet or phone. The InspirationBag factories are located in Cideng, Jakarta and in Bandung. That’s where all the magic happens! When they are done, the InspirationBag is wraped in it’s very own cotton pouch that can be used to carry small items all together.

The collection

At this moment there are six different InspirationBags. All quotes are limited and will not be available for reproduction unfortunately, because we would like to keep each InspirationBag as unique as possible. Once these quotes are sold out, a new collection of quotes will be launched. At this moment we work on the samples for a whole new range that will be available Summer 2018! Beside our own collection of quotes, customized quotes and prints are also available upon request. How cool is that?

How to use it

The awesome part of the InspirationBag beside it is able to change someone’s life, is that you can wear it at three different ways, depending on your mood! Use the two small traps to carry the InspirationBag the regular way. Use the long strap to carry the bag over your shoulder. If you make the long stap even longer, you can carry the InspirationBag cross over your body, very handy if you are a newspaper boy!

Put the long strap inside and take out the small ones. Hold them in your hand as you parade along the streets to inspire everybody.

Take out the long strap, put the small straps inside and wear it over your shoulder. Easy to take off and gives you the easy-going-for-a-walk look!

When you make the long strap longer, you can even wear it as a crossover bag. Very usefull when you are riding through the city on your bycicle and show everybody your bag!