About us

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How it all started…

InspirationBag.org is founded by Georges Hilaul. Born in the Netherlands to an Indonesian father and a Dutch mother, Indonesia is way closer to his heart than the geographical distance. Georges moved to Jakarta in the early 2013 after his career journey as a teacher, magician and event organiser for more than 15 years in the Netherlands. He reached his childhood dream of performing as a magician and is enthusiastic about passing the beauty of dreaming to others by inspiring them at any possible way.

With the InspirationBag Georges aims to inspire the surrounding of every owner of an InspirationBag. He wanted to create a product, a fashion item, that looked cool, made from heavy quality and not only made a fashion statement by the owner, but also made a real, physical difference in the lives of the underprivileged ones. Attaching a unique code to each InspirationBag came from the idea to be able to track and trace your very own donation.

The InspirationBag today.

When the InspirationBag was launched in the summer of 2014, Georges was working on the field and linked every InspirationBag to one of the children and cases he worked on. A few years later, Georges co-founded a Foundation that currently supports over one thousand children at 12 locations throughout Jakarta and Bali and will each InspirationBag contribute to the educational programs of the Foundation.

Today, InspirationBag.org is still operated by Georges, together with Ruben. Together you can find them at pop-up events where they present the InspirationBag and the impact the bag is making, and on the field in Indonesia to give those children a little nudge into the right direction, the direction to pursue their dreams.