The Life Changing Bag

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You can change a life.

Welcome to Welcome your very own, unique, InspirationBag. By using this bag you will help to save the environment. By wearing this bag you will inspire those around you. By giving this bag away you will motivate or cheer up your loved ones and by buying this bag you will support underprivileged children who need your help. Because we sincerely think life is all about sharing, helping and caring.

Our inspiration.

We have heard these quotes on the street, found them on the web, read them in books or just made them up ourselves. We would like to inspire you, motivate you, make you realize how beautiful life is and so we are sharing our message with you that you are blessed, and that you ought to be grateful and thankful for living the life you have and being able to share your positive energy with the rest of the world. That is our mission.

Their future.

Each InspirationBag contains a unique number. Each number refers to one of the children or cases we are supporting. You will be able to read the background story of the child or case who has been inspired and supported because of you. So if you become the owner of an InspirationBag, go to our website and claim your bag today.

Your bag.

We support young children who can use a helping hand to guide them in the right direction. With your help we can support educational, inspirational and medical projects for street children, orphans and underprivileged youngsters from the slums of Indonesia.